Derrick W. Jackson is an Artist and Writer with a background in Computer Science.  He has drawn most of his life.  He founded the Xstablishment in 2013 as an outlet for his creative works and now

Derrick W. Jackson is an artist and writer born and raised in Valdosta, Georgia.  Although he has a background in Computer Science(Masters and Bachelors of Science in Computer Science), he has drawn most of his life.  He is a former Defense Intelligence Employee as well as Voicecom, a voice messaging company(sold calling cards).

Shauna Faith, DJ Spinderella, Sean Nelson, Moises Biton, DeAnde Drake, DJ Killagroove, and Matt Bush are a few celebrities that have inspired and encouraged his art.  Jackson founded the Xstablishment as an outlet for his art, writings, and apps.  He also goes by the alias, El Arma Desconocido, which means The Weapon Unknown in Spanish.

Derrick is a Christian. He witnesses primarily thru his books and art. Jackson is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity (Mu Omicron Chapter / Valdosta State University) and a member of the NAACP.

Jackson currently resides in Richmond, Virginia.

- Created Kicks where you pull a sock or stocking over a shoe and design the socks so you in a way have another pair of shoes.  Can also be used as covers for the new shoe which protects it.
-The Marker Due which is black / silver coloring or highlights in hair a low hair cut for a man or woman which inspired the silver or gray hair highlights that women are using now.  Also first to do non permanent, silver tattooing for dark skin.
-Did basic animation using animated gifs by animating letters that spelled out the name of my Company, The Xstablishment. A lot of people are doing it now. Also animated a man showing him growing a beard and hair changing and rotating him around from front to back.  This can be used by police and law enforcement agencies. First to use animated gifs to draw people from beginning to end still animation concept without seeing the hand of person drawing it.  Each picture taken of the work is a frame or cell of the animation.
-Did the unofficial Queen Elizabeth II Holy Illustrated Bible. Proposed that Queen Elizabeth II have her own version of the bible like The King James Version but called The Queen Elizabeth II (QEII) version
-Some of my written works where used in the smash hit movie, The Matrix.
-Created The Professor, Prof for short, a randomized study program which integrated my own written word processor. Prof was published in a shareware magazine by Gemini Marketing owned by IBM. This was during at his undergraduate college, Valdosta State in the 90's and gave Microsoft ideas about its then new Windows Operating System an Microsoft Word. This was before the creation of Windows 3.1.
-T-Shirt Car seat covers.  Pulled Extra Extra Large T-Shirts that I designed over car seat.  Did this because I was too broke at the time to by the Ford car seat covers. Also did outside design to my Ford Fusion called it the Halle Cat now Dodge Charger has a version called The Hell Cat.
-Cell phone holder underneath the car mirror. Had idea the the cell phone would be a heads up display for the car.  Of course using the apps currently on the phone and some can be specifically created for use in the car.
-Ideas for a Web Based Operating System possibly used by Google's Chromium OS
-Created Think Magazine used by Google which now has a service called Think.
-Had the foresight to know the importance of text to speech technology which could benefit twitter, facebook, and news based websites
- He's proud to be able to say he does not do drugs or drink alcohol or smoke and has never been drunk or high.
-Came up with a way to try to secure an original painting or print by putting a randomized code on it when it is sold.  Possible alternate solution is putting a scan code on the print for the phone.

You can contact Derrick by calling 1-804-533-9904 or email derrickwjackson88@gmail.com.  Business Inquiries ONLY.


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