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Ce Ce Winans - You Don't Have To Be Alone


Sunday's Bible Study (March 31, 2019) - God Has Got Your Back (Notes)

Today I want to tell you that Jesus/God has your back.  Not only is He the light of the world (John 8:12). He is the foundation on which we build our house (Matthew 21:42).  Let's look in the bible for examples of where God, Jesus's holy father delivered his servants out of harms way.  This lesson has been on my mind for a while so I have just started thinking of these examples off the top of my head.  There are many more examples than these but the greatest of them all was when Jesus died for us on the Cross at Calvary.

Old Testament
1. Noah from the Flood (Genesis 7:7) (Genesis 6:5-8) (Genesis 6:13-14)
2. Joseph the Dreamer who was sold into slavery by his brothers ended up as a Governor of Egypt
(Genesis 37:7,9,28) (Genesis 41:40)
3. Moses and the Children of Israel from The Pharaoh and Egypt (Exodus 14:14,16, 21-31)
4. Joshua and the walls of Jericho (Joshua 6:2,4,5,16,20,21,22)
5. Lot in Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19;15,24)
6. Samson from the Philistines (Judges 16:29,3…

Verse of the Day - Saturday, May 30, 2019

John 12:46: I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should sta... via @VerseOfTheDay — Derrick W. Jackson Art Prints & T-SHIRTS (@dwjackson88) March 30, 2019

My Goals

My goals are at the peak of the highest mountain.  I'm slowly climbing my way to them everyday just a little at a time.  I want to be an established Artist(Illustrator) and Writer and Minister (spreading God's Word).  As much as I love art, I have not made really any money from it, but I have from my writing.  Roughly about $5,500 and most of those sales were from one book (Catch 22).

My goal for this blog is that it be like an online newspaper or magazine.  I want to post 1 song, 1 verse of the day, 1 political cartoon, 1 news video, 1 sports video, and maybe finally 1 tech video everyday.  Oh yes and have a bible study lesson on Sunday's and Wednesday's.  All of this is a tall order.  Time Mangement is very important.

Ellae Mai - Easy - Live Lift Performance


Flashback Tonight: The Jets

The Jets are one of my favorite groups. I love "Make it Real", "You Got It All", "Curiosity","Rocket To You", "Same Love", and many more. I was crazy about the lead singer of Make it Real.

Back in Richmond

Glad to be back in Richmond.  I really enjoyed my trip to Valdosta, Georgia.  Got to see my family who I had not seen in almost a year since I moved up here.  I thank God for getting me there and back safely.  What am I up to now?  I decided to go back and get back into college.  I am gonna be getting a Masters of Arts in New Media Journalism from Full Sail University with the intent of improving my Blog / Newspaper, The Jacksonian Dimension.

Trump Rally

‘The Russian Hoax Is Finally Dead,’ Trump Tells Michigan Rally— Derrick W. Jackson Art Prints & T-SHIRTS (@dwjackson88) March 29, 2019

The Prince Interview - Larry King Live


Verse of the Day 3/28/17

John 13:21: After he had said this, Jesus was troubled in spirit and testified, "I tell you the... via @VerseOfTheDay — Derrick W. Jackson Art Prints & T-SHIRTS (@dwjackson88) March 29, 2019
Many of us have close friends and families.  During your life you may feel that they have betrayed you because they don't see things the way you want them.  Yes Judas betrayed Jesus but so did Peter who denied him twice and where were the rest of his disciples when they came for Him at Gethsemane .

We argue with family that is a given but you shouldn't throw away family and friends.

Mariah Carey - Vanishing


Attorney General Barr's Summary of the Mueller Report

The Barr Summary of the Mueller Report (PDF) - click here

Robert Mueller's investigation of Trump and has campaign has gone on for over two years and came to a close when he submitted his final report to Attorney General Barr.  Over the weekend the Attorney General released his summary of Mueller's findings.  Trump was being investigated for collusion with the Russians to tamper or interfere with America's 2016 election and obstruction.  Mueller found no collusion but as far as obstruction he could not conclude that Trump did it.

Jussie Smollett - All Charges Dropped

Yesterday, All charges against Jussie Smollett, the empire actor were dropped and the case sealed.   The mayor of Chicago and the chief of police were both upset and said the justice was not served and that there shouldn't be one set of laws for famous or rich people and another set regular people.  I think the charges were dropped by the DA because Jussie had never been in any trouble and despite the possible hoax where he was supposedly attacked because he was Black and Gay he seems on the surface to be an upstanding citizen.

Unually DA's are lenient if you do not have a prior criminal history and you aren't deemed at threat to society.  Smollett had to forfeit his $10,000 bail and he did two days of community service at Jesse Jackson's Rainbow push.

Kenny G. - Silhouette


Don Lemon, from CNN, Family History


Nice Trip Home (Valdosta, Georgia)

Made it to my hometown safe and sound.  It was a long peaceful ride down south.  Yesterday and today I spent time with my twin, Eric and my mother, Betty Jackson.  We ate lunch together at Mama June's restaurant (Not the reality star). Today and tonight I am at my other brother Bernard's house.  I got to see my nephews Tyrese and Joshua who at 8 has gotten taller.  It had been almost a year since I been home.

Verse of The Day

Proverbs 8:13: To fear the LORD is to hate evil; I hate pride and arrogance, evil behavior and ... via @VerseOfTheDay— Derrick W. Jackson Art Prints & T-SHIRTS (@dwjackson88) March 21, 2019

Additional Reference Material for my book , Faces of the Civil Rights Movement

Check out this book: "The Civil Rights Movement in the Early 20th…" by Charles River…— Derrick W. Jackson Art Prints & T-SHIRTS (@dwjackson88) March 20, 2019

T-Shirt Design

I design T-shirts hand drawn but I also can use to create them but It costs more. Here are some samples.

My Frat Brothers (A-Phi-A Fraternity, Mu Omicron Chapter, Valdosta State University) Rap Video


My Twin Brother, Eric's Kickstarter Project

I love my twin even despite the differences. Here is his Kickstarter project.

My Niece Victoria Jackson and her business

My Artist Journey

I started drawing as a young child drawing my favorite Charlie Brown characters as well as marvel and dc comics characters.  However when the time came for me to pick a major as I prepared for high school graduation I picked Computer Science.  I remember going to the guidance counselors office and researching the various fields and seeing how much they made.  That guided my choice to the Computer Science Major.

I got my Bachelors and Masters in computer science and worked in the field for ten years.  Then in 1998 when i left my cushy government job and moved to Atlanta from Northern Virginia I started having problems.  Mental Health problems and I got into trouble then from that one instance was a downward spiral for my life.  Fast forward to 2019 I am still trying to get back the life I had when I was making $70,000 a year and had a $150,000 house.

I'm on disability and have struggled with my career path ever since then.  Although I have a fixed income I worry what would happen …

Following the Money

Following the Money, a Grand Old Art Fair Moves With the Times— Derrick W. Jackson Art Prints & T-SHIRTS (@dwjackson88) March 21, 2019

Verse of the Day 3/20/19

Today's Verse - Colossians 1:19-20— Verse Of The Day (@VerseOfTheDay) March 20, 2019

Google Fined

Google Fined $1.7 Billion by E.U. for Unfair Advertising Rules— Derrick W. Jackson Art Prints & T-SHIRTS (@dwjackson88) March 21, 2019

Drake Nice For What

Review of Drake's Scorpion by Derrick W. Jackson


Welcome to my new blog, an E-Newspaper. Topics covered will be music, art, books and fashion.  I hope to get feedback good or bad from you.